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  Hailing from South Korea, Hae-Jeung Kang is a multiple award-winning vocalist and composer, currently based in Portland, OR. She was a winner of 2016 American Songwriting Awards, and Finalist & Honorable mention of International Songwriting Competition in 2016 & 2017. Her impressive array of awards, collaborations with world-renowned musicians, and studies makes her an in-demand educator and performer.

  Hae-Jeung started her musical journey from the early age of 5, such as classical piano, and Korean traditional music. She studied Jazz/Pop composition and vocal performance at the Musicians Institute (Hollywood, LA), Jazz/Classical composition and performance at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music (New York City, NY). Hae-Jeung was presented by the prestigious Catalina Jazz Club (Hollywood, LA) as part of the "Young Artist Series". She was presented as the most promising young composer and vocalist. In February 2023, Hae-Jeung was awarded an Executive MBA degree with honors.

"​Hae-Jeung is an exceptional vocalist and composer with a high level of sophistication. She creates rich harmonies with versatility and a variety of colors. Her composition skills go far beyond the level of some jazz artists who can write a song or a tune. Hae-Jeung's masterful orchestration and works show the beautiful complexities of intertwined musical instruments."

- Reggie Workman


"In the world of Vocal music, Hae-Jeung is quite unique. She isn't out to dazzle you with overwhelming technique. Hae-Jeung tells wonderful stories of love, heartache, and joy,

in a gentle, honest, and sincere way."

- Mike Campbell

"Hae-Jeung Kang's compositions take the listeners on a richly colorful and emotionally evocative journey!"

- Rory Stuart

"Hae-Jeung's sophisticated minimalism and Zen-like harmony between her vocal and just a single instrument (piano) remind me of the power of Shirley Horn’s “Close Enough for Love” or Stacey Kent’s “Polka Dots and Moonbeams” or even Stevie Wonder’s “Lately.” That said, Hae-Jeung has found her own path and developed her own individual style and touch. This is easy listening and cool jazz at its best!”

- Johannes Tan


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