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Music Lessons

  Hae-Jeung teaches all ages and levels, from 3-year-old kids to students in their 80s. She's currently accepting new students for voice, piano, songwriting/music theory. Despite her impressive array of collaborations and studies, Hae-Jeung ensures a gentle & healthy learning environment. Please reach out & let's have fun!

Learn more about the brand-new music school with an innovative curriculum!

"Hae-Jeung is professional, courteous, and wonderful. My 7 year old son is learning piano and is extremely excited and engaged in lessons. Words cannot express how we feel about his instructor, Hae-Jeung. She is warm, compassionate, and very creative in her approach. He is able to create lyrics and write songs with her guidance, which keeps him engaged. Hae-Jeung has a magic touch when it comes to children as she’s able to get on their level with kindness, patience, and compassion. She is an asset.We just love her. ❤️ Highly recommend!" - S. Jones

"I have so enjoyed all my lessons with Hae-Jeung! I've been a student for over four years and I look forward to meeting my teachers every week." - R. Wright

"My children have been taking music lessons online with Hae-Jeung since September. My 7 year old is learning to write songs. My 10 year old has improved on the piano tremendously since the fall and my 12 year old is loving audio engineering. Hae-Jeung is lovely, professional and engaging. I am grateful that my little ones were able to have meaningful music instruction during the pandemic. I highly recommend!" - D. King

Music Lesson Inquiry

Any ages and levels are welcome!

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